Engineering Technician Level 4


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Engineering Disciplines covered by Assessment:

General Engineering
Production Engineering
Engineering Manufacture
Engineering Maintenance

Suitable for assessing applicants for:

Advanced or Higher Apprenticeships
Full and Part-Time Courses including HNC courses
Employment or Career Progression up to Level 4

Subject Areas Assessed and Aims:

Mechanical Reasoning – Confirms ability to understand basic mechanical principles of motion, direction, and applied forces in an engineering context
Understanding Electrical Principles – Confirms ability to understand electrical and electronic principles of voltage and current
Spatial Awareness – Confirms ability to visualise two and three-dimensional shapes, which have been rotated, or mirror imaged
Principles of Measurement – Confirms ability to understand units and principles of measurement
Literacy – Confirms strengths and weaknesses in an engineering context
Advanced Numeracy – Confirms strengths and weaknesses in an engineering context
Problem Solving – Ability to understand and solve problems in an engineering context

Total Number of Questions:

64 Multi Choice Questions based upon the seven subject areas above.

Assessment Duration:

60 Minutes.

Assessment Formats:

Internet based via Selectahead Portal.

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Engineering Technician Level 4


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