Engineering Technical Mathematics Assessment – GCSE Grade Predictor


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Engineering Disciplines covered by Assessment:
Generic assessment with the content having an engineering bias.

Suitable for assessing applicants for:
Designed to predict or confirm a person’s GCSE Grade in Mathematics against the latest Department of Education’s content and assessment objectives.

Subject Areas Assessed and Aims:

Mathematics – with assessment outcomes recorded against the school GCSE grades of 9 – 1

Number: Arithmetic, Decimals, Factors, Fractions, Indices

Algebra: Algebra and Algebraic Expressions, Equations, Factorisation, Formulae, Functions, Inequalities, Quadratic Equations, Sequences, Percentages.

Ratio: Ratio, Proportion and Scales, Angles, Straight Lines,

Geometry and Measures: Areas and Volume, Circles, Coordinate Geometry, Measurements, Triangles, Trigonometry

Probability: Probability and Statistics

Total Number of Questions:

48 Multi Choice Questions covering the above five areas.

Assessment Duration:
60 Minutes.

Assessment Formats:
A calculator is displayed on screen during the assessment and the assessment is accessed via the Selectahead Portal or is available to all Selectahead customers who have their own assessment portal.

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Engineering Technical Mathematics Assessment – GCSE Grade Predictor


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