New From Selectahead

New From Selectahead

Have your own branded portal which can contain these new features:

  • Hold documents – Technical documentation, workshop manuals, product updates, learning material, reference material
  • Web based power point presentations
  • Assessments can follow immediately after learning material
  • Questions can be mixed in with learning material
  • A rollover feature can be added to graphics or learning material
  • Drag and drop boxes can be used on graphics or learning material


  • A branded portal increases your presence and profile
  • Gives you the flexibility to have Selectahead or your own internal assessments set up to your own requirements
  • Learning and reference material can be referred to anywhere with internet access
  • Employees in different geographical locations can access the same information
  • Banish the expense of getting employees together for mandatory training.
  • User Name and Password protection gives you secure control over your records and documentation
  • Employees can log on to find information, reference material, updates instantly
  • Measure the effectiveness of your own training by integrating your own assessment
  • Mandatory training information can be added with assessments if required
  • Set your own Pass Mark then download a certificate
  • Permanent record of employees who have completed mandatory training, ideal audit trail

Example – Employees Spread in Geographical Locations

Ideal for an organisation that has sites in different geographical locations. This could apply to any mandatory training, such as new staff induction training. Employees can have access to reference or leaning material, anywhere with internet access which is ideal for example for field-based service engineers. Assessments can be also taken, with results automatically recorded, enabling you to have a complete audit trail as to which employees have passed or not completed the training. With a secure user name and password system, some employees may find it more convenient to log on at home.

Example – Mandatory Company Training

Have you Health and Safety learning and questions that all employees must be taken through annually? Let us add them to your portal. You then have a permanent annual record of employees who have been taken through Health and Safety checks and confirmation that all employees have completed the learning and passed the relevant assessment.

The Way Forward

An own branded portal gives you the profile and flexibility to conduct training or assessment sessions anywhere with internet access.  

If you think an Assessment Portal or a Learning and Assessment Portal may be of interest to you or your company, please complete the Contact Form and we can provide a detailed quotation.

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